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10 Greatest Players To Never Play In The NBA
Top 10 Players To Never Play In The NBA
Best 10 Basketball Players Who Not Played In The NBA

What if I told you some of the greatest basketball players to ever live on this earth never played in the NBA? It might seem crazy, but there were a number of amazing ballers that for one reason or another didn’t make it into the league.

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Some Of These 10 Great Ballers Had Tragic Life Stories :

10. Demetrius "Hook" Mitchell
A drug problem never allowed a playing career for Mitchell to occur.

9.Lenny Cooke
After averaging 25 Points and 10 Rebounds a game his junior year, he was averaging 31 points as a senior until he was ruled academically ineligible due to his 19th birthday. Instead of going to college he entered the 2002 NBA Draft, forfeiting his college eligibility. Nobody drafted him.

8.Marques Haynes
Harlem Globetrotters Team

7.Joe “The Destroyer” Hammond
Joe Hammond set the single game scoring record at Rucker Parker with 82 points, causing the Lakers to consider signing him to an NBA contract.Unfortunately, drugs consumed his life and a NBA playing career never occurred.

6. Benji Wilson
He had the potential to be a phenomenal professional player, but his life was tragically taken in a shooting at his school

5.Hank Gathers
Hank Gathers was the 1989 WCC Player of the year and a 2-time WCC Tournament MVP.Gathers was destined to be a great NBA player, but due to a hypertrophic cardiomyopathy, he passed away at too young of an age. HE DIED ON COURT AFTER COVERTING AN ALLEY-OOP DURING A GAME . IMAGINE :(((

4.Oscar Schmidt
He played 26 years in the Brazilian league and scored 11,000 more points than Kareem Abdul-Jabbar did in his professional career.

3.Earl “The Goat” Manigault
Kareem Abdul-Jabbar claims that Earl is the best player that he has ever played against, despite him never playing a second in the NBA.

2.Pee Wee Kirkland
Kirkland was drafted by the Chicago Bulls in 1969, but is said to have turned down the contract because he was making more money being a drug dealer.

1.Len Bias
Len Bias averaged 23 PPG and 7 RPG in his senior year at Maryland. He won accolades such as the 1986 ACC Athlete of the Year and the 1985-86 ACC Player of the year.
He was drafted by the Boston Celtics with the 2nd pick in the 1986 NBA Draft, but he suffered a tragic death two days later from cardiac arrhythmia induced by a cocaine


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