College Football’s Top 5 Overrated Teams 2011 #5 Auburn Tigers







Record 7-5
Auburn 42-Utah State 38
Auburn 41-Mississippi State 34
Clemson 38-Auburn 24
Auburn 30-Florida Atlantic 14
Auburn 16-South Carolina 13
Arkansas 38-Auburn 14
Auburn 17-Florida 6
LSU 45-Auburn 10
Auburn 41-Ole Miss 23
Georgia 45-Auburn 7
Auburn 35-Samford 16
Alabama 42-Auburn 14

Edit: 10/2 The schedule stays brutal the next three weeks but you have to admire Auburn's ability to win the close one so far for two straight years. This team while not done losing yet this year is only going to be out of the top 25 because their conference is so tough.

Two great games to start off the year have to feel a lot better about the second one being close compared to the first. How many of these tight games has Auburn won in the last two years?

Don't forget they also lost their punter and field goal kicker

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