What If Notre Dame Joined the Big Ten? | College Football What Ifs







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There have been rumors that Notre Dame was going to or wanted to join the Big Ten for literal decades, most notably in 1907 after Michigan was kicked out of the Big Ten even up to the 2011 expansion. But the two sides could never seem to come to an agreement about when exactly they should join up.
But what if Notre Dame DID join the Big Ten, this time when Penn State joined in 1993? What would the first year of Notre Dame's Big Ten membership look like? Well, I think it would…most likely look the same. But with a conference championship! I doubt they would have been able to overcome two undefeated teams with one loss no matter who that loss was to. The bigger interest to me is what ND's impact would have on the Big Ten and college football as a whole. The conference would have split into two divisions and had the inaugural Big Ten Championship Game in 1993 instead of 2011. That would have had the opportunity to drastically change the course of its conference teams. Would Northwestern have made the 1996 Rose Bowl? What about Michigan's 1997 and Ohio State 2002 National Titles? Would Penn State have been viewed highly enough after 9 conference wins to play for the 1994 National Championship in the Orange Bowl? Would it have forced the ACC and Pac-10 to expand earlier than they did in the 2000s? These are the ripple effects this change would have made. In my opinion, that's one alternative if Notre Dame had joined the Big Ten in 1993. But let me know what you think down below and give me some suggestions for future college football what if? videos.


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