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Music by: Dyallas
Music by: Johan Lilja
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Items I used on project Fireplace Makeover:

1/4 Toggler Concrete Anchors:

3/16 x 2 1/4 Concrete Screws:

5/32 Concrete Drill Bit for 3/16 concrete screws:

Fireplace Makeover:

In this video I show you how I turn my ugly 1970s brick fireplace into an awesome, new, fresh looking fireplace. I'll start off saying that this is now a faux fireplace! I'm not going to be using it at all. In this DIY fireplace makeover, I'll be recovering the brick fireplace with some nice, weathered looking stained wood. Wood is flammable, so make sure if you do what I show you in this video take the precautions to make the wood flame resistant. OR don't use the fireplace.

This project is a pretty easy DIY for anyone familiar with regular hand tools and small power saws and drills. The fireplace remodel took me a couple days, but that is only because of paint drying and such. Once I had all the pieces to the faux fireplace everything went together pretty easy and took me a good part of a day. I'd say about 6-7 hours.

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FYI: I'm not a professional, I'm just a homeowner that enjoys doing projects on my own. My videos are meant to show you the process in which I used to achieve said project. They may be different, wrong, right, crappy or whatever but I see them as a way to show the struggles of learning and/or figuring out DIY projects in your own home. As they say, "There's more than one way to skin a cat." Hopefully my videos help you and inspire you to work on your own DIY projects. Hope you enjoy, and thanks for joining me!

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