DIY Acrylic Nails Hack! The Best Nail Art 2017 – New Nail Art Designs Compilation 💅💅💅







DIY Acrylic Nails Hack! The Best Nail Art 2017 – New Nail Art Designs Compilation 💅💅💅

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Nail designs: different 3D modeling or aquarium design is complex technology nail design that requires long and painstaking work. The coating consists of several layers of transparent gel. At each stage of coating used painting or accessories. Due to this layering creates the 3D effect. Not rare in the aquarium nail design additionally used flowers and jewelry fashioned out of acrylic. Art painting This is one of the most popular technologies for decorative coatings today. Nail art 2017 used in quick-drying gel varnishes. Drawings on the nails are applied with a needle, brush or sponge (gradient design). To create geometric patterns using special strips of adhesive or adhesive tape. A special kind of nail art is a design where the pattern is applied on the surface of the water, and then transferred to the nails. Sometimes water manicure isolated as a separate type of nail design. Stamping manicure For printing on the nails using special plates. Stamping design 2017 is quite simple, a variety of plates allows the original design of the nails, and time you can save a lot. This manicure looks very impressive. Often the stamping design is used to create lace wedding manicure, and French manicure. Photography (manicure with stickers) Another type Express nail design that I love very much beginners master nail art. Special stickers decorate one or all of the nails. Basically use two types of labels: regular adhesive and water prior to application by spraying. Photography is very convenient for home use. Nail design with the use of accessories the beauty industry develops very rapidly, does not remain aloof and manicure designs. A lot of boutiques and online stores offer a wide assortment of accessories for decorating the nails. All kinds of bows, butterflies, flowers, rhinestones and sequins are glued on the nails, making an ordinary nail designs for short nails more striking. Combined Skilled master nail art manicure making masterly combine several types of nail designs from. The result exceeds all expectations. As a rule, obtained some very interesting options and ideas manicure.

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