How To Start A Pest Control Business







How To Start A Pest Control Business

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Today we are talking about
How To Start A Pest Control Business
lets go!!

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First and foremost you will need to actually work for a
pest control company before you venture off and start your own

You can be trained for this and that.
You can have all the training and certs
but if you don't have atleast a year of experience
then don't start your own pest control business

So how do you start your own Pest Control Business
once you have the experience?

Well I'm glad asked…

First you will need
•A reliable vehicle that will allow you to safely transport equipment and supplies
•A website, vehicle signage, business cards,
and print and online advertising materials to promote your business
•Strong networking skills to develop relationships
with suppliers and with business and residential clients

A Pest control business can be started from your garage
or if you don't have a house you can rent a storage unit
and put all of your supplies there for the time being
until your pest control company becomes bigger.

Also make sure to get yourself a 1800 or 1888 number
it just looks more prefessional
it gives you the look and feel of a real company.
Keep in mind its alot of big companies out there
you want customers to look at your company like theres.

Even though your small you want to be looked at as big.

Make sure you get your business license and llc within
the state your starting your pest control business in.

Some people think to get llc's in other states for
cheaper taxes but to be honest this muddy's the water
and makes things more complicated in the long run.

So there you go thats how you start a pest control business
in a nut shell.
Remember when thinking about starting your own pest control
business you need to actually have experience
with actually being an pest exterminator

I hope you enjoyed the video
and got some great insight on how to start
your own pest control business

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