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"How to get rid of dry skin? How to moisturize your skin? How to make a face-pack with natural ingredients? What if we tell you, you can make an all natural face-pack to deal with your dry skin with just a banana, curd and honey?
Yes! Banana, curd and honey!!!
What causes dry skin?
*Lack of moisture in the air
*Use of harsh beauty products that worsen your dry skin conditions
Few of the ways in which dry skin can be treated are:
*Dry skin makes you look years older
*Dry skin, if not treated, can lead to skin infection
What are the different tips for treating dry skin?
*Use Vaseline
*Apply aloe-vera
*Use a humidifier
But, nothing beats the most natural and the easiest way i.e banana, curd and honey.

In this video by skinfiniti, Dr Jaishree Sharad give the recipe to a perfect and natural face mask for dry skin and she also demonstrates the same.
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